Thank You!!!

Well, it did not work out for me. But thanks for your support!!! I haven’t ruled out another run. I will keep in touch.

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Today — The Decision

I hope that you have voted. I intend to stay involved, no matter the result. And I ask that you so too — it is too important to sit on the sidelines.

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Beautiful Day to Vote!!!

Just a reminder to vote if you haven’t. Our democracy depends on it!!!

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Great Two Days!!

I have canvassed voters in Danville, Sunbury, Galena and other areas on Delaware and Knox Counties other the past few days. Virtually all of them said they would vote for President Obama, Senator Sherrod Brown, and me!

Many thanked me and my fellow canvassers for the work we had done.

It is not too late to volunteer for Monday and Tuesday. George Will and John Kasich both say we are going to lose. Prove them wrong!!!!

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Don’t Forget to Vote!!!!

I Invite you to visit the Plunderbund site to see all of your fellow Ohioans waiting in line patiently to vote today.

Remember, it was Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, with the support of Ohio House Republicans like my opponent, who attempted to curtail your right to vote.

Don’t take it for granted. Vote!!!

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Michelle Obama Wows 2500 in Gambier

I was there. First Lady Michelle Obama fired up a crowd of some 2500 (including students and community members) at Kenyon College’s Kenyon Athletic Center. In her 30 minute speech, she focused on the accomplishments of the last four years, and urged everyone to work hard these last three days to insure the re-election of the President.

I couldn’t agree more. (Also, please work for me!!)

I have uploaded some pictures.

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Oops — Forgot Judge Patricia Delaney!!

In my previous post, I forget to mention that there is a contested race for appellate court judge in our district (Fifth Appellate District, including all of Delaware and Knox Counties), and incumbent judge Patricia Delaney is seeking re-election, endorsed by the Democratic Party. I ask for your consideration to vote for her.

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